Barrel Concrete Tile Roofing

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Concrete Barrel Tile roofing is the most common rigid roofing material seen in Texas.

Turnkey Roof Price: Depending on roof pitch, architectural details and product choice, prices can run from mid $300′s sq to $700 sq +.

Process for choosing a concrete tile roof color and profile:

1. The easiest way to pick your color and profile and is drive down to any of the local roofing distribution yards and look at the range of mockups at each location. In DFW, most locations will have sample racks of the leading concrete roof tile manufacturers: Boral, Crown, Eagle and Hanson. Most of the time the samples within those racks are labeled.

Spec Building Materials Corporation
ABC Supply
Gulfeagle Supply
Southern Shingles

2. Depending on the subdivision in which you are building, you may be required to build a display on your job site. If that is the case, you will need to contact us and we will deliver 12-16 pieces of the chosen color and profile to the jobsite and install on the mockup. If no mockup is built, the roof tile manufacturers commonly provide a mockup to be used. Below are two examples:

DSC00337  DSC00336

3. Once the job site mockup has been approved, the order process is as followed:

-Builder orders material through roofer
-Roofer orders material through distributor
-Distributor orders material from manufacturer

Because distributors do not keep inventory of concrete tile in stock, each job must be ordered directly from the manufacturer. The most popular colors of concrete barrel tile are typically kept in good stocking amounts and available within a day or two. However, manufacturers do ask to give about a 2 week window from order to ship date.

Installation Process:

This entire process can take anywhere from 3 days on a simple roof to 3 months. On new construction project, walkways must be left open for other trades to have roof access. We consider the roof to be virtually complete when we have installed the entire roof with the exception of these roof walkways.

1. Outline and install needed safety measures with job site crew
2. Installation of Underlayment and Flashings
3. Snap lines and install battens
4. Load field and trim tile
5. Install Roof  Field Tile (Blow off cut dust frequently)
6. Install trim and cut tiles
7. Flash and seal roof penetrations
8. Replace any tiles broken during installation and clean up

9. Leave extra field and trim tile for replacement

After Care:

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 8.43.05 PM

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